Show respect to eCommerce buyers

and get a 35% increase in sales

eCommerce conversion optimization, tailored to satisfy visitor’s needs and maximize sales

Respect is simple

Track activity and enhance data, understand what they really need

- Track activity of each visitor & predict their needs

- Convert anonymous visitors

- Retain and sell by solving visitor's problem

Build smart-communication and don't be annoying

- Use smart-widgets for proper motivation

- Tailor triggered e-mails to fit each recipient

- Fully automate personalization

Recommend relevant products and recover abandoned carts

- Use collected data about actual interests & BigData

- Choose relevant cross-sale and up-sale

- Know how to motivate for completion of purchase

We processed more than $1bln in transactions

Global increase of retailer's profit by 35%+. Overall improvement of the customers' loyalty

Data Tracking & Enhancement

We collect data for both identified and anonymous visitors throughout the customer funnel.  We know when a visitor entered the site and actually left it.  We know exactly what a visitor does on your site, and store this information for further analysis.  We can even predict what visitor's needs are and may be in the future based on BigData-analysis. 

Using the data, all our instruments adjust themselves for each visitor to receive unique treatment and motivation.

Smart-widgets & Triggered mailings

As opposed to many others, we do not send mass-mailings in a desperate attempt to get results. Our fully automated triggered e-mails are based on the real interests of each recipient, showing respect and appreciation. This boosts sales by more than 25%.

Our behavior-based system of widgets allows us to collect 100%+ more leads.  It works on desk-top and mobile site versions. We customize all instruments to fully match the design of your site.

Recommendations & Cart recovery

Our automated product recommendations are based on each visitor's overall activity history, actual visitor’s interests, shopping path, and BigData-analysis. This increases visitor interest over 40%.

We recover more than 70% of abandoned carts by sending smart and timely motivation.  For abandoned shopping carts with an identified phone number we help you close up to 50% more sales through a call-center.


You pay for real LeadHit-driven results only!

No subscription fees, surprise payments or other bullshit

Use LeadHit and get more sales with zero risk

Integration only takes 10 minutes.  Compatible with all major platforms

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