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A great instrument to monetize your mobile traffic

Studies of the e-commerce market show that the mobile traffic of online stores and its conversion rate are growing every day. Therefore, better monetization of this audience and this sales channel is as necessary as monetization of the traditional desktop site version. That's why LeadHit developed a new marketing tool for online retailers - Mobile SmartOffer. It works exclusively with the mobile traffic of a store and is focused on visitors browsing the store on their mobile devices. 

Not a surprise, Mobile SmartOffer showed excellent efficiency: 100 filled desktop SmartOffers counts for 50-70 Mobile SmartOffers, and the average conversion of a site's mobile traffic is increased by an additional 20% of a regular site's traffic!


Mobile SmartOffer is a combination of a visitor-motivating widget with flexible settings and adaptive, simple and easy design, and triggered mailings with a unique recipient-tailored content. Let’s show what it is and how it works, in pictures and examples! 

If a visitor browses your store from his/her mobile device and becomes inactive for some time or has viewed a certain number of pages (with all these settings completely adjustable per your request), a special widget will be shown to the visitor. The widget is both noticeable and does not interfere, it ideally fits in the overall design of the site (see an example on Pic 1 below, the icon "Get gift”). Simple and straightforward, it will attract and interest more potential customers browsing the site from mobile devices. When a visitor clicks this nice widget, a form appears (see an example on Pic 2 below), in which the visitor can leave his/her contacts, get a "motivation" and stop his/her choice at our client's store (very often such a small and timely made mark of attention can stop a visitor from going to your competitors).

Within a few seconds after submitting the form, the visitor receives an email with a unique proposal, with each element of the email being tailored to reflect interests of each recipient. See below how such email looks and our comments to its major elements: 


Mobile SmartOffer, like its older brother (Desktop SmartOffer by LeadHit), is aimed at working with visitors who are on the site for the first time and who have left no data about themselves using any other form of the site. A visitor can fill out the Mobile SmartOffer only once. And if the visitor has already made the order, then the widget will not be shown to him/her at all.

Needless to say, but all settings and parameters of Mobile SmartOffer are adjustable to ensure it fits into the specifics of each and every particular site. The major reason here is that, like all LeadHit instruments, Mobile SmartOffer is only guided by the needs of the client and is focused on the increase of both visitors' loyalty and client's profits.

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